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        IEEE International Symposium on
        Power Line Communications and its Applications


  Travel Information

  Visa Requirements for the UK

We are delighted to welcome colleagues from overseas to ISPLC 2014.  Delegates should be aware that for many countries a visa will be required to travel into the UK.  For advice on UK Visas, please visit the UK Home Office and Foreign & Commonwealth Office website at, for detailed information and advice.

This site features an online Visa Enquiry Form enabling you to find out whether you need a visa or not to enter the UK. If you do require a visa, the site will provide you with links to the forms that need to be completed as well as full contact details for your nearest British Embassy, High Commission or Consulate.

Should an official letter of invitation be required for your visa application, this is available for authors through EDAS or for general delegates who have registered and paid in full via the conference organisers.  

We would like to urge presenters who require a Visa to enter the UK to initiate this process as soon as possible, as the processing of a Visa application takes time.

For further information please contact the conference secretariat at .

  Travelling to Glasgow

Glasgow is served by three international airports, and is connected to the UK's extensive railway network:

Glasgow International Airport

Glasgow International Airport is home to 30 airlines offering direct flights from over 100 worldwide destinations including New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, and Dubai.

Bus.  First’s 500 Glasgow Shuttle provides you with the most direct service between the airport and Glasgow city centre. The service operates up to every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day, and takes approximately 25 minutes. Please visit the  First Buses webpage. for more information and special offers. Typical rates: single £6; open return £8.50.

Taxi.  Glasgow Airport taxis are available 24 hours a day to any destination and any distance. Taxi drivers are obliged to meter the entire journey and publish their scale of charges. The approximate fare from Glasgow Airport to Glasgow City Centre is £20.00 - £22.00 as regulated by Renfrewshire Council. The approximate journey time is 15 minutes. Please see the taxi webpage for details.

For more details to travel from and to Glasgow airport, please see the airport website.

Prestwick Airport

Prestwick Airport is to the Southwest of Glasgow, and home particular for budget air travel.

Train.  Glasgow Prestwick Airport is served by its own railway station which is accessible by a covered walkway to/from the airport. There are three trains an hour between the airport and Glasgow Central station (except on Sunday when there are two an hour) and the journey time is 50 minutes. Trains run throughout the day, typically from 06:00 (09:00 on a Sunday) and 23:00. Reduced price tickets (single £3.55, return £ ) are available when you show your boarding pass.

Bus.  There are also frequent bus services between Glasgow city centre (Buchanan Street) and the airport throughout the day. Journey time is 50 minutes.

Taxi.  Taxis are available for immediate hire outside the terminal building. Please refer to the following taxi webpage for details.

Edinburgh Airport

Bus/Train.  The Airlink 100 (Stance 19) express bus service runs from the airport to Waverley Bridge via Haymarket, the two main stations of Edinburgh. Tickets can be purchased at the airport information desk, at the bus stop, from the driver or in advance online. Buses run every 10 minutes, with a journey time of approximatly 30 minutes, at a cost of £3.50 (single) or £6 (return).  For more information, please visit the Airlink 100 website.
From Haymarket and Waverley station, Scotrail trains run in 15 minute intervals to Glasgow (single £13.20, day return £22.50, off-peak day return £12.50).

Bus.  Citylink Air (to Glasgow, Stance 1) provides non-stop regular links to Glasgow city centre. This service operates seven days a week every 30 minutes at peak times, with a journey time of 60 minutes. Tickets (fare single £10, return £16) can either be purchased online via, from the driver or at the Visit Scotland desk by International Arrivals at Edinburgh Airport.

Train Travel

Glasgow is connected to all cities in the UK, for detail please see the Scotrail and National Rail web sites.

  Travelling in Glasgow and Scotland

For general information on Scottish public transport, visit the Traveline Scotland website.

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